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22 Nov 2018

Planet 108

A long and self-imposed journey, Planet 108 constitutes a material translation of the alignment between the cosmos, its energy fields, and humanity. Interested in cymatic patterns for a decade, German artist Matthias Contzen’s (b. 1964, Aschaffenburg) practice focuses on translating visual representations of sound waves, which pass through his physical body, into solid matter. The result is a vast array of subtle variations: borne out of meditative states, each work translates a different energy wave, which he converts into a […]

03 Oct 2017

PLANET LOVE: The Voice of the Matter

How is stone articulated by contemporary artists? And which messages do works in stone convey amidst a fluid and volatile world? What are artists signifying, messages of stillness and hardness, or on contrary, fluid and soft ones? While stone projects us to centuries-old monuments, as a matter of fact, several contemporary artists including Chinese Ai Wei Wei, French Louise Bourgeois and British Marc Quin employ stone in works conveying specific events. Wei reports the surveillance he undergoes, Bourgeois conveys regeneration, […]

20 Sep 2016

Letter to the The Visual Arts Jury

Letter to the The Visual Arts Jury. Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship. I am sending you all I have. I am sending it to each single member of the Jury in this personalized form, because my mission is to reach the heart and soul of human Beings, behind their Masks. (Mask is one of the meanings of the Latin word “persona”) I am a quantic Jumper, working with and for the Light. I had my first spiritual Crisis 12 years ago (Crisis […]

17 Feb 2016
New Project Light of Humanity

New Project “Light of Humanity”

I am very delighted and moved to announce that my project “LIGHT OF HUMANITY” was just selected to be realized in a Sculpture Park of the Chinese City Changcha, September/ October 2016. I want to thank all my Helpers on Earth and in Heaven. My proposal “Light of Humanity” for the Changsha International Sculpture Festival: It is a composition in white marble and the dominant symbol is the circle, which represents the divine as it contains everything else. The sculpture is composed […]