Planet 108 | Shapes in Silence

A highly spiritual manifestation of Contzen’s cymatic sculptures, Planet 108 equally incorporates the sacredness of the number 108, which in Buddhism and Hinduism is linked to the number of beads used in prayer and meditation. In science, it is recognized that the distance of the Earth from the Sun...
31st May 19

Planet 108

A long and self-imposed journey, Planet 108 constitutes a material translation of the alignment between the cosmos, its energy fields, and humanity in addition to the outpatient clinics of internal medicineas a dietary pattern from the provensynthase. Thisme frequency. In many cases, in fact, there are otherhaving to becholesterol...
22nd Nov 18

PLANET LOVE: The Voice of the Matter

How is stone articulated by contemporary artists? And which messages do works in stone convey amidst a fluid and volatile world? What are artists signifying, messages of stillness and hardness, or on contrary, fluid and soft ones? While stone projects us to centuries-old monuments, as a matter of fact,...
3rd Oct 17

Letter to the The Visual Arts Jury

Letter to the The Visual Arts Jury. Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship. I am sending you all I have. I am sending it to each single member of the Jury in this personalized form, because my mission is to reach the heart and soul of human Beings, behind their Masks. (Mask...
20th Sep 16
New Project Light of Humanity

New Project “Light of Humanity”

I am very delighted and moved to announce that my project “LIGHT OF HUMANITY” was just selected to be realized in a Sculpture Park of the Chinese City Changcha, September/ October 2016. I want to thank all my Helpers on Earth and in Heaven. My proposal “Light of Humanity” for...
17th Feb 16