New Project “Light of Humanity”

I am very delighted and moved to announce that my project “LIGHT OF HUMANITY” was just selected to be realized in a Sculpture Park of the Chinese City Changcha, September/ October 2016.

I want to thank all my Helpers on Earth and in Heaven.

My proposal “Light of Humanity” for the Changsha International Sculpture Festival:

It is a composition in white marble and the dominant symbol is the circle, which represents the divine as it contains everything else. The sculpture is composed out of many smaller circles / holes in very different sizes, which symbolizes single people or smaller groups of humans, which, as they all join their potential, their energy and creativity, form a community, which in this case represents the city of Changsha.

Symbolically, every person who lived and lives in this city, has opened a tiny, small, or bigger window to let the divine light penetrate and fertilize our wonderful planet and create conditions for the humanity to become Light and evolve towards the realization of its destiny: Becoming one, reunite with the source. If we see the single holes as communities or cities, then the sculpture represents the whole planet as a fusion of all those.

We can go further and see the single (w) holes as planets and the sculpture as our Galaxy, or the single holes as galaxies and the sculpture represents the whole universe…Size doesn’t matter. Even the smallest part is so important, to build and support the Whole. Every sand corn makes sense.

The reflection of the sculpture on the water mirror should underline the fact that the city is not able to watch itself without using a mirror…the mirror of the city is composed by all of its past and present habitants, which allows ,all together , to make the whole potential ,beauty and light of Changsha visible.

The transparency of the dense stone , and the fact that the light is able to penetrate and cross through the stone, is a metaphor for the superiority of spirit above matter. Every single human on this planet is working to increase the amount and the quality of light, to reflect and to worship the source of creation.

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